Eateries we love

Cusco, Peru

The hotel we were staying at in Cusco recommended Uchu to us. And I must say we thoroughly enjoyed eating here. The staff speaks decent English and are extremely courteous and prompt with their service. We have eaten here twice and have been attended by Ruth and she took great care of us.
Ambiance is the best of all the restaurants we have been to during our stay in Peru.
Fooood! Delicious food (one that had S in tears as she marveled at the perfection of everything. Video of said tears will be shared to anyone willing to give us food :P). We would recommend the Peruvian Kebabs, Papa Rellenas , Quinoa Freeze . Just dig in and enjoy.
Price : It came up to $50, including tip. This is for an appetizer , 1 entree (generous portions, we ended up sharing), a bottle of wine and dessert. Which I’d say is decent for a meal this delicious. But then again, if you are looking for a fast food kind of place to save a buck while traveling this probably isn’t for you. Final say – If you are in Cusco eat at UCHU!

San Franciso, USA

Five Napkin Burger

Chez Dodo
Budapest, Hungary

Creperie Du Village
Aspen, USA

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